Who We Are

We are a story factory based amidst the rainforest, at the bottom of the sea, on the turtles' favorite beaches and in the wet mountains where the golden toads are hidden. In this factory we meet with writers, illustrators, musicians, translators, designers, storytellers and theater artists from Costa Rica and other countries so that children can enjoy original and educational stories set in different natural settings.

The Pachanga Kids Collection began in 2006 with the aim of providing cultural and educational material that children living in tropical regions could relate to. Pachanga Kids is interested in upholding values such as respect for nature, bringing kids closer to the biodiversity all around them from an early age through entertainment and learning whilst creating ecological awareness and sensitivity.

Our primary focus is wildlife and the interconnection between the many species of flora and fauna that inhabit the Tropics, where thousands of odysseys occur daily in the struggle to survive, reproduce, and adapt to climate change and to the wilderness of those organic worlds unknown to us.

Our books include original music and entertaining adventures that take place in different ecosystems: the dry forest, rainforests, Caribbean villages, turtle-nesting beaches and other environments that also reflect aspects of the culture, music and identity of each region.

El equipo pachanguero

Somos como un equipo de fútbol. Unos corren, otros cuentan lo que pasa o lo dibujan; algunos arman la música y el alboroto y otros traducen para que los niños que no querían saber nada de fútbol también se diviertan.

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